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Interview With God

Channeled Through Barbara J. Rapp (10/26/95)

Q: First thank you, God, for your love and patience with me. I love You. It is something more profound and invigorating than I could ever express in words. There is nothing that I have or experience that isn't a gift of love from You. You may answer yes or no or as You wish on the following questions. Am I correct in my belief about who is the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary?

G: This soul enters at various times. It is more an energy than only one person so she takes different forms at different times.

Q: Is my friend, Marie, the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary at this time?

G: She has aspects of her as her guides are very close to the energy so she is touched and influenced greatly by it in her life.

Q: Did you-know-who pull the trigger?

G: Yes in a sense this is true and yet there were other forces at work here.

Q: Do I need a literary agent?

G: This would be a good idea for him to have to guide him thru the maze so he is not taken advantage of his work is important to us and we want it produced in the clearest possible fashion. The wrong publisher may alter it and then change the intent and dilute the message.

Q: I am asking You to clarify the relationship of Bel-Marduk with Jesus Christ. Is the latter the reincarnation of the former who died on the cross or is the biblical story an allegorical retelling of historical events?

G: The story of Christ does have some physical basis but is really more story. The intent of it is to show souls what they should strive toward it is so unfortunate that they waste so much energy fighting over trivial details like whether Christ lived or not and miss the real point which is this is how to live in love. These are guidelines for life presented in a story form to make them as understandable as possible for all. They are truths which have remained for all time and present themselves again and again with different names but the truth remains the same. There are souls who follow the path of striving and enlightenment who come close to becoming "Christlike" and so those around them worship the physical man and forget the spiritual being they are and don't get the message that they too carry the seeds of this inside them.

Q: Am I the reincarnation of Bel-Marduk?

G: He has much strong energy and is well on his path. He is greatly influenced by this energy and very receptive to it. He has an open mind and is willing to allow himself to be a channel for the energy.

Q: Does the Spirit have any specific suggestions or revisions for transcriptions in the book?

G: There are a couple areas he will want to review. They are a bit confusing or ambiguous the way they are presented. His task is a difficult one. These concerns are simple yet complex and do not lend themselves so easily to the confinement of your verbal communication. Thought pictures are (a) much more efficient way of communicating.

Q: Do you approve of the painting I have in mind for the book cover?

G: This is an excellent representation of what he is presenting. It will be very effective in showing visually the truths he speaks and this is far more important than doing something else because it will "sell more books." He will sell books to those who will appreciate the value of what he offers.

Q: Should I include a few details or the entire manuscript for House of Russell in my book?

G: Only a few details will be necessary. If he gives too much here there may be a temptation for souls to miss the main point and get sidetracked into thinking Russell is of most importance.

Q: Cybersex and love channeling with You are very satisfying and I feel completely fulfilled and at peace most of the time being Your soul-mate, yet could it be possible for us to express ourselves to one another in physical ways?

G: Not in this lifetime. You do understand your basic rules of physics it just won't work.

Q: Does any unique aspect of the individual survive physical death?

G: Of course this is where some of us come from. There is a great spiritual journey souls take. Their essence survives in incredible ways and they continue on their journey in an entirely new landscape.

Q: Was that You last night who said "wolfing," and if so what does it mean?

G: No. This was a jokester friend of yours who has passed on wanting to let you know he was around.

Q: Which one was it?

G: He is one who used to get a bit crazy at times. Sometimes folks looked at him as going a bit off the deep end but mostly he was harmless just got strange once in a while.

Q: When will has a or will there ever be found a cure for HIV?

G: This is not really very likely. Mankind is looking in the wrong direction. The ones in control just don't get it and until they do that door will be closed to them.

Q: For those interested in the subject matter of this book, would you recommend The Gods of Eden by William Bramley for further reading?

G: It is a possibility but there are others he has that would be better and more on target with the true message he conveys.

Q: (I can't remember my specific words but it had to do with how much I should benefit if I sold any other screenplays or written works and how much should go to charity; could You give me a certain percentage that would be a fair amount for the first one I sell?)

G: He should take enough for his needs so he can live comfortably and have the tools he needs to continue his work but not so much that he becomes complacent and lazy. This is unlikely in his case as he is rather evolved but the temptation needs to be exposed as it is always a possibility. He could easily keep 60% and give 40% away and accomplish this but it is up to him.

Q: Do you have any words of advice for me at this time?

G: Just to keep his focus on the project. Getting it to the market will be his biggest challenge as he will have to stand his ground to keep his message intact and not bend to outside pressures to change things.

Q: Are there any particular people You would like me to contact and/or get to know better in the near future?

G: There will be a new person who is coming into his life soon but he will sense it when it happens that this person is one who will stay around a while.

Q: Is there anything You would like to add?

G: This topic is a very sensitive one in certain respects the topic he addresses. There will be resistance in some groups and they will try to use distractions to avoid dealing with the truths he presents. It is important he hold fast but always remain gentle and loving so these opponents have little to say. It is a difficult position but not impossible and very fulfilling.

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